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balexanderMy Life - Poetry by B.Alexander
Take a journey through life in my eyes. critique requested. Please sign guesbook

Love Awakening
I'm done Done with false hopes Done with wishful dreams Done with the sorrow Done with the screams Done with the thought of redemption of being a part of the whole Done with tryng to forget the past ... More

poet5170Poetry by Elsie
*WELCOME TO MY WORLD* ~ Read my poems full of fact, fiction and fantasy.

EVERLASTING LOVE This everlasting love that we have found Is so intense it lifts me off the ground, It lifts me up and makes me soar so high I know now with you beside me I can fly. Your ... More

~WELCOME TO DREAMLAND~ Read my Poems to Know me. I am in my poems.

~COFFEE~ I like to be civil and I like civilization but without a cup of coffee don't expect me to be civil and join civilization. I am not an addict and I need no fix to be fixed; I love m ... More

abulateefbabatundeMuslims Favorite Poet
Your New Favorite Site Feedback and critique requested

The Other amerikkkan Flag
Racist near and far Overfed failed TV stars In lies everyday caught Make amerikkka white and great Hate driven thoughts Impotent Stars and Bars and burning police cars The losers of the Confederacy s ... More

countrypoetPoetry by countrypoet
Feedback and critique requested.

Satan’s Plot   As Christians each of us has got  An inspiring testimony.  There is nothing Satan enjoys better Than to present them all as ph ... More

godspoetwriterPoetry by godspoetwriter
Feedback and critique requested.

Your Song's Gone Home
Your Song's Gone Home What do you do when Your Love  and his song goes home to soon music doesn't seem the same any more just one lonely note left not in t ... More

Poetry Contest Leader - Past Winners
Title: Hugs and Smiles
By: Sonja Carnes
(29 Votes)

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